18 thoughts on “can groundhogs swim? 2010 edition for myworld”

  1. Fatastic shot, Interesting world you are in. Last sunday we went to the beach here and I saw 2 dogs swimming together we the other looks lovely as they go far and seems that they’re already trained well to swim. Thanks for sharing your world to us.

  2. Could be, FG, but I don’t think so. I went back to the original photos and looked at them actual-pixel size and I’m not seeing any long tail in any of them. On the other hand, groundhogs usually only have head and nose above water when swimming, or so I read. On the other other hand, the creek is so shallow, he could be walking on the bottom instead of swimming.

    Last year I actually saw one crawl out of the water at one end of his swim. I didn’t this year but there was a groundhog in the yard who ran into the reeds just before I saw the dog-paddling (as it were) critter go by.

    So I’m still leaning toward groundhog, but I’m gonna look closer next time. It would be really cool to add a muskrat to the yard list.

  3. Everyone knows groundhogs are invincible. They also have discerning palates, taking exactly one bite out every item. People sometimes say either the meek or insects will inherit the earth. This is not true. Groundhogs will.

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