three ducks made of stone and metal on a decl

living in a snow globe world

You’ve heard of “water off a duck’s back”? Snow doesn’t think it’s water.

falling snow

Big, slow flakes swirling around rewind me of snow globes. This must be what it’s like to be inside one, except the snow doesn’t get recycled. And nobody’s shaking our world.

metal toes of big bird art in the snow

Big bird gets cold feet.

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10 thoughts on “living in a snow globe world”

  1. We haven’t had much snow here, but next time we do I’ll watch it like I watch snow globes, entranced. And I won’t even have to shake the world.

  2. Wren, how sweet of you to think of the snow globe idea…very creative and it does look like the snow one see when one shakes a snow globe up. Happy weekend. Hoping you are doing well~

  3. Wren, we have seen precious little of that white stuff here this winter. No complaints though! We would be just as happy if we got through the winter without it! Lovely pictures. I suppose ti does feel a bit magical and mesmerizing! I hope you are well!

  4. The only nice thing I can think of to say about snow is that it’s pretty when it’s fresh and clean. I used to love to walk along the country roads after a heavy, wet snowfall in Maine, all bundled up against the cold.

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