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1,576,800 minutes

It’s been a few days more than one year (525,600 minutes according to the lyrics from Rent) since I last blogged, and three times that since I blogged consistently. In that time, Google Reader disappeared and blogs were declared dead.

Wrenaissance Reflections may have been quiet, but it’s not dead. I’ve missed blogging and missed being part of the nature blogger community. I am ready to resume but doing so will require some changes, such as moving from hosted WordPress to Blogger, allowing me to focus on content rather than technology.

It will be slow at first. In addition to new posts, I will be moving older ones here bit by bit. In some ways, it’s same old, same old. In others, it’s a new adventure. I look forward to moving forward, and hope to see many friends old and new around cyberspace.

Here’s a little nature to start:

A U-M squirrel:
gray on the outside,  maize and blue on the inside.

4 responses to “1,576,800 minutes”

  1. Good to hear from you. I always enjoyed your photos. I do miss being part of the blogging community, and am looking forward to get back into it.Thanks for stopping by and the words of encouragement.

  2. Thank you, Amanda, it's always nice to meet another squirrel lover. They are cute little devils, aren't they? I'm hoping to get started back with blogging toward the end of December. Fingers crossed.

  3. Was reading old posts of mine from my old wordpress blog (not idle – technically closed) and you were one of the commenters on one post and I remembered I used to visit you all the time for the memes (My World and Sky Watch or Photo Hunt). Hope you'll find inspiration and time to continue blogging.

  4. HI! Just discovering your site and loving that you have a UM squirrel on this post! I've had a few of my own encounters with them myself. Looking forward to reading more of your tree-hugging blog.Thanks,Amanda

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