She’s Back

I was surprised to realize that it’s been four years since I last blogged. I didn’t intend to stop, but I did intend to prioritize other activities more than blogging. It seems I was successful at that. So it goes. If you read this blog in its earlier iterations, you know I’m fond of the quote attributed to John Lennon, “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.”

While I was making other plans, a lot of life happened. I lost both my parents in 2015. We downsized from a too-large house to a condo in 2017, and I retired from a successful career last fall, 2018. I’m four years older, as are Mr Wren and my cats, but the birds and squirrels outside my windows seem to be gifted with eternal youth. I’m still in the cold midwest, though I hear that if I hang around long enough, I’ll see Michigan become the new California.

I’m on a journey of exploration. For the first time in decades, I don’t have a roadmap for the trip. I’m looking for a compass, or many compasses, but also for the courage to step forward with no guidance and see what I stumble into.

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