Wrenaissance Reflections
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I’m a believer

A week ago, I was all “bah, humbug!” about spring. And why not? With all that white stuff on the ground, temps below freezing, and Michigan’s renowned gray skies, a change of season seemed much more than two weeks away.

I saw the light. The sunlight.

While there’s still a skim of ice on Lake Wrenaissance, it no longer holds snow and the ice has begun to creep away from the shore. We may reach 60 degrees (F) this weekend.

Daylight Savings Time has made the days light longer into the evening.

We saw a Canada Goose walking behind the deck. Not as thrilling as the first robin as a harbinger of spring, but the geese disappeared when the water froze and haven’t been around for the past few months. It’s so much nicer to see them flying north instead of south.

Yes, I believe in Spring.

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