Wrenaissance Reflections
my path to embodied, feminist, earth-centered spirituality

Nuisance Value

Rabbit and robin
Join me for breakfast.
Two geese graze, across the pond,
Then more.

A gaggle forms.
A gaggle of geese … or is it a nuisance?
A nuisance of geese.
Or of people?

About this poem and photo

I watched this goose grow up from the time the parent geese first brought their baby out into the world. Since I saw them every day, it was interesting to watch the subtle changes in the little one, and to look at photos taken at different times and see how quickly, indeed, the babies grow up. I was sitting on the deck one day, with my morning coffee, and thinking how cute they were and what a shame there were so many in our cultivated places that they’d become a nuisance…and began to wonder who, truly, was the nuisance in the world.

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