Wrenaissance Reflections
my path to embodied, feminist, earth-centered spirituality

Earth Mother

Site in Iceland where the tectonic plates meet

I am the mountain
I am solid, rock
I am the mother, Gaia, mother of all
Earth mother, source of strength

I want to be fire
Drawing moths to my flame

I want to be water
Carving canyons with my rivers

I want to be air
Stirring dust into the whirlwind

I am not the flame
I am the candle
I am not the river
I am the valley
I am not the whirlwind
I am the still, small voice

I am earth

Without the candle, there is no light
Without the valley, there is no shelter
Without the voice, there is no guidance

I am candle
I am valley
I am still
I am earth

About the photo

This is a photo from our 2015 trip to Iceland, taken at the site where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates come together.


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