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I’m ahead of the curve


Parag Khanna, author of a recently published book, Move: The Forces Uprooting Us, concluded that Michigan would be an ideal location in 30 years due to its supply of fresh water in the Great Lakes, agriculture, investment in renewable energy, and the strength and diversity of its economy.

I didn’t move to Michigan for the climate. To be honest, the winters are a little long for me, and I much prefer the seasons in which I can leave the house without bundling up. In further honesty, I’d prefer that the predicted boom for Michigan not come at the expense of worse climate elsewhere.

But this is one of the few times I’ve been a trend setter of any sort.

About the photo

This is a photo I took of Lake Michigan in 2019. I read somewhere that rather than being lakes, the Great Lakes were actually inland seas. Seeing their vastness, that makes sense.

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