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About Wrens & Wrenaissance

The “Wrenaissance” part of my blog and website name comes from the Carolina Wrens that lived in our garage and yard in Virginia.

Wrens are wonderful birds – cute, inquisitive, and right at home in our yards, nest boxes, and garages. We had Carolina Wrens nesting in our Virginia garage two years, and they quickly taught me that they could find more ways in to it than I could ever cover up or seal off. So I conceded the battle and enjoyed their company, and my husband learned to close the sunroof on his car. For those two years I saw the babies fledge and practice flying around the garage. I found that they left all too soon, and when they did, the garage was oh-so-empty … Although they have found other nesting sites in subsequent years, it’s still a joy to come across the young families out learning to fly, with mom and pop wren keeping carefully watch over their offspring.

  • Description: A small bird, under 5″ in length. Overall brown color, with buffy golden underparts and a distinctive white eyestripe.
  • Range: Southeastern United States. Range expands northward in warmer winters, with sightings as far north as Michigan and New York, but colder winters take a toll on this non-migratory species.
  • Eats: Primarily insects, but will come to feeders for beef suet, sunflower seeds and peanuts (shelled or whole). It is amusing to see one fly off with a whole peanut which sometimes appears to be as big as the bird itself.
  • Breeding habits: Monogamous, mating for life. Nests in just about anything – buildings, boxes, shrubs, low trees, and planters, to name a few.

Wrenaissance has been on the web with various URLs since the mid-1990s, and wrenaissance.com was born as a domain in 1999. It has moved around among hosts, servers, and platforms, and as a result there are gaps in the archives. Although the subject and format has changed, it remains always a reflection of who I am.